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Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual: Operating Summon with the Key Fob

Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual / Autopilot / Summon / Operating Summon with the Key Fob

NOTE: Summon may not operate if the battery is low on the key fob.

Follow these steps to park Model Y from outside the vehicle using the key fob:

1. On the touchscreen, ensure that Require Continuous Press is disabled (touch Controls > Autopilot > Customize Summon > Require Continuous Press).

2. With Model Y in Park, stand within 10 feet (three meters) and press and hold the top center button on the key fob (Lock/Unlock All button) until the hazard lights blink continuously.

NOTE: The hazard lights flash once as Model Y locks, then within five seconds, Model Y powers on and the hazard lights flash continuously. Do not proceed to the next step until the hazard lights are flashing. If, after five seconds, the hazard lights are not flashing, release the button on the key fob, move closer to Model Y, and try again. If Summon receives no further input within ten seconds, Summon cancels.

3. Press the Front Trunk button on the key fob to move Model Y forward into the parking space, or press the Rear Trunk button to reverse Model Y into the parking space.

Starting Summon Before Exiting the Vehicle

To start a Summon parking sequence before exiting Model Y:

1. On the touchscreen, ensure that Require Continuous Press is disabled (touch Controls > Autopilot > Customize Summon > Require Continuous Press).

2. Close all doors and trunks.

3. With Model Y powered on and Park engaged, double press the scroll button on the right side of the steering wheel. The touchscreen displays a popup screen.

4. On the touchscreen, choose the direction of travel.

5. Exit Model Y and close the driver's door.

Summon now moves Model Y according to the direction you specified on the touchscreen.

NOTE: To cancel the parking maneuver before exiting the vehicle, touch Cancel on the popup screen.

NOTE: If you do not choose a direction of travel on the touchscreen, Summon does not start a parking maneuver when you exit.

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