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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Unlocking and locking the vehicle from the inside

Fig. 24 In the driver and front passenger doors: power locking switch.

Press button ⇒ Fig. 24 :
Unlock the vehicle.
Lock the vehicle.

The power locking switch works whether the ignition is switched on or off but only when all doors are closed.

If the vehicle is locked with the remote control vehicle key, the power locking switch is deactivated.

If the vehicle is locked with the power locking switch:

  • The yellow indicator light in the power locking switch comes on ⇒ Fig. 24  to indicate that all doors and the rear hatch are locked.
  • Opening doors or the rear hatch from the outside is not possible, at a traffic light, for example.
  • Doors can be unlocked and opened separately from inside the vehicle by pulling the door handle to open the door. The indicator light goes out. The unopened doors and luggage compartment lid remain locked and cannot be opened from the outside.
  • An open driver door will not be locked. This helps keep the driver from being locked out of the vehicle.

The vehicle is unlocked if you push the button while the vehicle is standing still. Depending on the settings in the Convenience sub-menu ⇒ Convenience sub-menu , it may also be unlocked when you take the remote control vehicle key out of the ignition or, on vehicles with Keyless Access, when you open the driver door (Auto. open).

Applicable only in the United States

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