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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Parking

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Please note legal regulations when stopping and parking your vehicle.

Parking the vehicle

Please perform these steps only in the order listed.

  • Stop the vehicle on a suitable surface ⇒ .
  • Hold the brake pedal down until the engine is switched off.
  • Apply the electronic parking brake to help prevent the vehicle from moving ⇒ Electronic parking brake .
  • For automatic transmissions: Shift the transmission into Park  (P).
  • Switch off the engine and then take your foot off the brake.
  • Remove the vehicle key from the ignition.
  • If necessary, turn the steering wheel slightly to engage the steering column lock.
  • Shift manual transmission into 1st gear (on level ground or if pointed uphill) or reverse (if pointed downhill) and let the clutch out.
  • Make sure all passengers and especially children leave the vehicle.
  • Take all vehicle keys with you when leaving your vehicle.
  • Lock the vehicle.

On hills

Before stopping the engine, turn the steering wheel so that, if the vehicle starts to roll, its front wheels will roll into the curb:

  • Facing downhill, turn the front wheels so that they point toward the curb.
  • Facing uphill, turn the front wheels so that they point away from the curb.


The vehicle exhaust system and the catalytic converter get very hot. They can cause fires and serious personal injury.
  • Never park where the hot exhaust system could ignite flammable materials, such as brush, leaves, dry grass, spilled fuel, etc.


  • Always be careful when you park in areas with parking barriers or high curbs. These vary in height and could damage your bumper and related parts if the front of your vehicle hits a barrier or curb that is too high while your are getting into or out of a parking spot. To help prevent damage, stop before the tires of your vehicle touch a parking barrier or curb.
  • Always be careful when you enter a driveway or drive up or down steep ramps or over curbs or other obstacles. Parts of the vehicle close to the ground may be damaged (such as bumper covers, spoilers, and parts of the engine, suspension, and exhaust systems).
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