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Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual: Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Some vehicles are equipped with a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery. To determine if your vehicle has an LFP Battery, navigate to Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information.

If your vehicle is equipped with an LFP Battery, Tesla recommends that you keep your charge limit set to 100%, even for daily use, and that you also fully charge to 100% at least once per week. If Model Y has been parked for longer than a week, Tesla recommends driving as you normally would and charge to 100% at your earliest convenience.

In addition, a best practice is to allow Model Y to "sleep" regularly by parking it with Sentry Mode disabled, when possible. Consider using the Exclude Home, Exclude Work, and Exclude Favorites settings to prevent Sentry Mode from automatically activating at locations it is not needed (see Using Sentry Mode).

Following the above guidance maximizes available range and improves the vehicle's ability to accurately determine the state of charge and estimated range.

NOTE: Although Tesla recommends charging to 100% at least once per week, remember that regenerative braking is reduced while driving with a fully charged battery. See Regenerative Braking.

Battery Warnings and Cautions

WARNING: The Battery has no parts that an owner or a non-Tesla authorized service technician can service. Under no circumstances should you open or tamper with the Battery. Always contact Tesla to arrange for Battery servicing.

CAUTION: If the Battery's charge level falls to 0%, you must plug it in. If you leave it unplugged for an extended period, it may not be possible to charge or use Model Y without jump starting or replacing the low voltage battery. Leaving Model Y unplugged for an extended period can also result in permanent Battery damage. If you are unable to charge Model Y after attempting to jump start the low voltage battery, contact Tesla immediately.

CAUTION: The Battery requires no owner maintenance. Do not remove the coolant filler cap and do not add fluid. If the instrument panel warns you that the fluid level is low, contact Tesla immediately.

CAUTION: Do not use the Battery as a stationary power source. Doing so voids the warranty.

    Battery Care
    Never allow the Battery to fully discharge. Even when Model Y is not being driven, its Battery discharges very slowly to power the onboard electronics. The Battery can discharge at a rate of approx ...

    Charging Instructions

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