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Tesla Model Y (2020-2023) Owner's Manual: High Voltage Components

High Voltage Components

  1. High Voltage Cabling
  2. Heat Pump Assembly
  3. Front Motor (Dual Motor vehicles only)
  4. High Voltage Battery
  5. High Voltage Cabling
  6. Service Access Panel for High Voltage Components (Penthouse)
  7. Rear Motor
  8. High Voltage Busbars
  9. Charge Port

WARNING: The high voltage system has no user serviceable parts. Do not disassemble, remove or replace high voltage components, cables or connectors. High voltage cables are typically colored orange for easy identification.

WARNING: Read and follow all instructions provided on the labels that are attached to Model Y. These labels are there for your safety.

WARNING: In the unlikely event that a fire occurs, immediately contact your local fire emergency responders.

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