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Fig. 178 In the center of the instrument panel: Switch for emergency flashers.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Obey all legal requirements regarding protecting a broken-down vehicle. For example, turning on the emergency flashers and wearing a safety vest are mandatory in many countries.

     Introduction to the subject
    In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:⇒ Protecting yourself and the vehicle  More information: Braking, stopping and parking ⇒ Braking, stopping, and parking ...

    For your own safety and that of your passengers, carry out the following steps in the order listed ⇒ : Park the vehicle at safe distance from traffic and on a suitable surface . Sw ...

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    Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual > Do it yourself: Frequently asked questions
    If you suspect a malfunction or vehicle damage, read and follow the following advice before contacting an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility. You may also find helpful information under Characteristics and Checklist in the index. De ...

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