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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual: Electronic parking brake

Fig. 135 In the lower center console: Button for the electronic parking brake.

Read and follow the introductory information and safety information firstIntroduction to the subject 

Engaging the electronic parking brake

You can engage the electronic parking brake any time while the vehicle is not moving – even if the ignition is switched off. Always engage the parking brake when you leave or park the vehicle.

  • Pull up and hold the button until the indicator light in the button turns on.
  • The parking brake is engaged when the indicator lights in the button and in the instrument cluster ⇒ Warning and indicator lights  comes on.

Releasing the electronic parking brake

  • Switch the ignition on.
  • Push down the button . Depress the brake pedal hard at the same time.
  • The indicator lights in the button and in the instrument cluster go out.

Automatic release of the electronic parking brake when starting to move

The electronic parking brake is released automatically when the vehicle first starts to move, provided the driver door is closed and the driver safety belt is fastened. With a manual transmission, you must also press the clutch pedal all the way down before you start driving so the system recognizes that the parking brake should be released.

Emergency braking function

Only activate the emergency brake function in emergencies where the vehicle cannot be stopped using the foot brake ⇒  !

  • Pull up and hold the button to brake the vehicle hard. An acoustic warning will sound at the same time.
  • To stop braking the vehicle, release button or step on the accelerator.


Improper use of the electronic parking brake can cause accidents and severe personal injuries.
  • Never use the parking brake to slow down the vehicle when it is moving, except in an emergency. Braking distance is much longer, since only the rear wheels are braked. Always use the foot brake.
  • Never press the accelerator pedal when a selector lever position or gear is engaged and the engine is running. The vehicle could begin moving, even if the electronic parking brake is set.
  • ever activate the throttle manually from the engine compartment when the engine is running and the automatic transmission is in gear. The vehicle will start to move even if the parking brake is engaged.


Even though the transmission is in Park (P), the vehicle may move a couple of inches (a few centimeters) forwards or backwards if you take your foot off the brake pedal after stopping the vehicle without first firmly setting the electronic parking brake.

Vehicles with manual transmission: the electronic parking brake releases automatically when you release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator pedal at the same time.

If the vehicle battery is dead, the electronic parking brake cannot be released. Use a jump-start ⇒  .

There may be noises when the electronic parking brake is being set or released.

If the electronic parking brake has not been used for a while, an automatic system check will occasionally run while the vehicle is parked. This system check makes audible noises.
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