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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:

⇒ Warning and indicator lights 

⇒ Pedals 

⇒ Manual transmission: Gearshift lever 

⇒ Automatic transmission: Selector lever 

⇒ Shifting with Tiptronic® 

⇒ Driving with automatic transmission 

⇒ Automatic transmission malfunction 

When the ignition is switched on and the transmission is in Reverse (R):

  • The backup lights come on.
  • Climatronic switches automatically to air recirculating mode.
  • The rear window wiper switches on when the windshield wipers are switched on.
  • Parking Distance Control, the optical Park Assist system, and the camera for Rear Assist switch on if applicable.

More information:

  • Instruments ⇒ Instrument cluster 
  • Braking, stopping and parking ⇒ Braking, stopping, and parking 
  • Rear Assist ⇒ Rear Assist with dynamic orientation lines 
  • Engine control and emission control system ⇒ Engine control and emission control system 
  • Emergency closing and opening ⇒ Emergency closing and opening 


Rapid acceleration can cause skidding and loss of traction, especially on slippery roads, resulting in a loss of vehicle control, collisions, and serious personal injury.
  • Only use the kick-down feature or fast acceleration if visibility, weather, road, and traffic conditions permit and other drivers will not be endangered by your driving and the vehicle's acceleration.


Constant braking causes the brakes to overheat and even to fail leading to collisions and serious personal injury.
  • Never ride the brakes or apply the brake pedal too often or too long.
  • Riding the brakes will substantially reduce braking performance, increase stopping distance, and can cause complete brake system failure.


  • Never ride the brakes by keeping your foot on the brake pedal when you do not want to brake. This will make the brakes wear faster.
  • Before driving downhill, especially on hills that are long or steep, always reduce speed and shift into lower gear (manual or automatic transmission). This will let the vehicle use engine braking and reduce the load on the brakes. Otherwise, the brake system could overheat and even fail. Only use the brakes when you need them to slow the vehicle down more or to stop.

    Warning and indicator lights
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