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Volkswagen Tiguan Owners Manual:  Introduction to the subject

In this chapter you will find information on the following subjects:

⇒ Indicator light 

⇒ Windshield wiper lever 

⇒ Windshield wiper functions 

⇒ Windshield wiper service position 

⇒ Rain sensor 

⇒ Checking and refilling windshield washer fluid 

More information:

  • Exterior views ⇒ Exterior views 
  • Air conditioner air recirculation mode ⇒ Climate control 
  • Preparations for working in the engine compartment ⇒ Preparations for working in the engine compartment 
  • Exterior care and cleaning ⇒ Exterior care and cleaning 


Windshield washer fluid without enough frost protection can freeze on the windshield and reduce visibility.
  • Use the windshield washer system with enough frost protection for winter temperatures.
  • Never use the windshield wipers/washers when it is freezing without first defrosting the windshield. The washer solution may freeze on the windshield and reduce visibility.


Worn or dirty wiper blades reduce visibility and increase the risk of accidents and severe injuries.
  • Always replace wiper blades that are worn, damaged, or do not keep the windshield clear.


To help prevent damage to the wiper blades and the wiper motor when it is cold outside, always make sure that blades are not frozen to the windshield before operating the wipers. Using the windshield wiper service position can be helpful in cold weather so the wipers do not freeze to the windshield ⇒ Windshield wiper service position .
    Windshield wiper and washer

    Indicator light
    Read and follow the introductory information and safety information first⇒Introduction to the subject  Lights up Possible cause Proper response ...

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